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BixieHive.com is now live!

Register now, create your free account and help our community grow, one person at a time!

Bixiehive.com is a new Social Media experience dedicated to bringing a positive experience to your daily life!

At Bixiehive.com you can meet new friends and invite old ones, post photos and video links, create groups and share your stories. Please remember to keep it positive and uplifting, as our number one rule is no negative posts allowed!

Everyone is welcome at Bixiehive.com, everyone who participates on our site should bring a positive mental attitude, or a desire to find theirs, and the path that best helps them discover and applify the positive people, places and things in their lives.

Please treat others with respect and keep it clean. 

What sets the Hive apart from other Social Media sites?

We believe a positive daily mindset will assist you in harnessing your thoughts, figuring out what you truly want, lead you to conquer your fears, achieve your goals and smash through any and all barriers before you.

We encourage our users to post stories of success from people of all walks of life and to share their own.

If you haven’t found the positive energy you need to truly change your life, you have come to the right place, no matter what drives you at your core, nature, religion, spirituality, inner peace, or something else, you will discover many people with different belief systems that share common goals and ideals. 

Join the hive and and find yourself, your path to happiness, and your success!


Bixiehive.com 2021